To strengthen and improve the key competencies in blockchain technology, our institute organized a BLISS workshop on November 9, which was attended by more than 65 participants from both the industry and the university.

The aim of BLISS “Blockchain skills for ICT professionals” is to develop a blockchain course for ICT professionals, which helps to update their key competencies in response to the dynamic penetration of blockchain applications across numerous sectors of the European Union economy.

For that, on November 9, we had three presentations. The day started with a lecture by prof. Raimundas Matulevičius on „Blockchain essentials and platforms. “ It was followed by Dr Fredrik Milani who talked about the business merits, challenges and implications of blockchain technology. The last lecture was by Mubashar Iqbal on „Practical design of blockchain applications“.

The project which ends next year will result in the training and assessment material to support learning on technical components and practical applications of blockchain technology. It will also include the trainer manual to guide the educators with the use of the BLISS training materials to prepare a course for the ICT professionals and students.

The BLISS project has six partners from six European Union Countries. The University of Tartu is leading the development of the curriculum outline and the integration guidelines for vocational education and training (VET).

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