By Aleksander Parelo

On January 28, the Industrial master’s students gathered virtually at Overall, where I introduced the company itself and the projects I worked on for the last year. Unfortunately, due to the virtual meeting, I could not give a tour of the Overall office, which most of the Industrial master’s students, who have hosted the meetings, have done previously to introduce the company and their workplace. 

I started the meeting with a presentation about myself and the work I have been doing at Overall. Unfortunately, most of the projects I have been working on have not yet been launched, so I cannot talk about them here yet.

One of the projects that I can talk about is a card reader project, where my task in the project was to program a card reader to read Estonian ID cards and bus cards. The card reader project was also a final project for the course “Introduction to Wireless security course”. As part of my Industrial master’s programme I was able to integrate the work I was doing at Overall with my studies. To achieve this, I looked at the course description and asked my supervisor at Overall if we had any projects that could be integrated.

Luckily we had just received a new card reader for testing and needed to see if we could make it read Estonian cards. I proposed the topic to the course supervisor, and we agreed that I could write a report about my work as my course project. My task in this project was to program a card reader to read Estonian ID cards and bus cards. To achieve this, I had to learn about different cards in use and store their data.  Then I had to program the card reader to read and parse the data. 

See how it works in the following video.

In the second half of the seminar, we discussed how to fight burnout and deal with procrastination. At the end of the seminar, we also said goodbye to Chingiz, who is leaving the program early.